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Naming Ceremonies 

A Naming Ceremony is a celebration of family and life. 
I can write a ceremony for you that is personalised and meaningful. It will include officially naming your child and declarations of promises and commitments from parents and other significant members of the family. It can be conducted when your child is any age, but celebrations are usually held before they are a year old or on their first birthday. 
I will guide you through various options for the ceremony and together we can create a celebration that’s special to you. 

A naming ceremony may include: 

Introduction and welcomes 
Your child's story - their arrival, personality, interests so far 
Your family story 
The importance and responsibilities of being a parent 
Parents' promises to the child 
Appointment of supporting adults (God, Guardian or Guide parents) 
Importance of wider family (grandparents, siblings etc) 
The naming itself (including reason for name choice perhaps) 
Rituals, readings, poems and music of your choice at any part of the ceremony 
Concluding words 


Though not religious, we still wanted a ceremony to name our daughter and officially welcome her into the world. Jan put a lovely ceremony together, including promises made by our chosen guardian parents. Everyone said afterwards how special it had been. 
Hannah and Paul 
Call me for a chat or send me an email and we can take it from there. 
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